As the son of two entrepreneurial parents, Ryan Jones began his career at just 14 years old where he soon learned he had an insatiable desire for knowledge. Over the course of his life Ryan moved between Illinois, Tennessee, and Wisconsin where he used his desire for knowledge to learn many trades and skill sets that have made him a truly well rounded individual.

Ryan began his career in the restaurant industry as a teenager and in a short time became a corporate trainer for a US based restaurant chain. He was responsible for the training and opening of several new restaurants across the US. Later he spent several years on a small-town Volunteer Fire Department where he learned the skills to handle emergency situations and save lives. His desire to help people fueled his need for knowledge which led him to become a licensed EMT.

After living in several places, Ryan finally decided Nashville was where he wanted to call home. Upon his return, Ryan became interested in the Private Security Industry and became a TN state licensed Security Officer. Ryan has increased his knowledge of the industry through his many years of experience and training. Today he has the highest level of security licensure possible in the State of Tennessee.

Although Ryan seems to work around the clock, in his off hours he enjoys spending time with his son and getting away to the calm of nature whenever possible. Hiking, camping, stargazing, rappelling, white-water rafting, and travel are all activities that help him relieve the stresses of everyday life.