Travis Luckey was born and raised in a small town called Somers, Montana, along with his younger brother Tabor and parents Lyle and Nola Luckey.

After high school Travis joined the Air Force and was stationed in New Jersey for 4 years. He worked on a large aerial refueling tanker called the KC-10 and was lucky enough to travel all over the world.

After his 4 years of active duty, Travis ended up in Portland, Ore. where he lived and worked for 12 years in the Air National Guard. Travis worked on F-15 fighter aircrafts and started his career as an Avionics install technician. He worked on corporate jets of all shapes and sizes upgrading their instrument panels and rewiring the aircrafts.

In July of 2014, he and his wife married and moved to Nashville to be closer to family. Travis worked at an install shop at the Nashville airport for two years before joining Infinity Hospitality Group in September of 2016. Travis brings excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills to the team, and can fix almost any electronic.

During his free time, Travis enjoys playing basketball, hiking, camping, snow and wakeboarding, woodworking, flying or driving remote controlled vehicles, playing pool and enjoying live music whenever possible.