Katie grew up in the small town of Peru, Illinois. Always a hard worker, she began her career at the young age of 14 bussing tables. She moved into an event role at a local country club which only helped to confirm her niche for hospitality.

As Katie worked toward her eventual Bachelor of Science in Marketing, she kept her foot in the hospitality door when she became the President of the American Marketing Association. Quite the multi-tasker, during her time at Southern Illinois University, she interned with CMT in the summer of 2010. During this internship, Katie quickly recognized her love for Nashville, and her love for the music industry. In 2012, she moved to Nashville, and soon landed a job at the Grand Ole Opry – the perfect environment for someone who loves both hospitality, and music.

Katie also worked at Hillwood Country Club from 2013 to 2016. There she furthered her experience in the hospitality field, while gaining networking opportunities with the members. When a growth opportunity was presented to her from one of Hillwood’s distinguished members, she was quick to jump, leaving the Grand Ole Opry and Hillwood, which brought her where she is now, with the Infinity Hospitality Group.